With Apple's World Wide Developers Conference we got plenty of new features.


IOS 14: Apple has released new widgets, modern ideas too. • To start with, Apple Maps gotta better look with a cycling option too (only has reached limited places). The cycling option assesses the easiest routes, the no traffic or more traffic areas, the steep regions; which makes it cool and as Apple says their extreme privacy. • Apple Messages are now different from before especially with a new pin icon. With the pin icon, you can always keep the important conversations on top with their silhouettes and with new me emoji stickers it becomes more fun to text. Also, only when we receive a message on our name in a group chat Apple Messages will send a notification. ; we can even reply to a certain person by mentioning their name which will give them a notification specifically. • As Apple stated Car Play is different now. Car Play on IOS 13 itself will get access to unlock the latest automobiles without a key; including this, you can send to access to other people via Apple Messages. But when the app is updated on IOS 14 there will navigable finders for EV chargers as well as you can order food from different places (solely in some supported countries).

Going on: Apple announces the transition to Apple Silicon chips.

Did Intel Mess up?

• The biggest news of WWDC 2020 is the transition of Macs from intel to Apple's own SoCs.Now all Apple products are built with this foundation from Apple Watch to IMac. So now this will lead Apple to give performance per watt and higher performance GPUs which will give options to use more high-end programs and games on the Macs. It will also create a common architecture across all Apple Products, making it far easier for developers to write and optimize software for the entire Apple ecosystem. In conclusion, Intel did not suck up and Apple wanted to expand its areas of expertise so that it can create better products in the future. Mac OS Big Sur

• The customizable menu bar features an all-new Control Center, delivering quick access to controls from the desktop. With an updated Notification Center includes more interactive notifications and redesigned widgets that come in different sizes, provide users with more relevant information at a glance. And a new design for core apps brings more organization to multiple open windows and makes interacting with apps even easier. Safari

• Safari’s fast new updated JavaScript engine helps it outperform other browsers on Mac and PC. Tabs have been entirely redesigned to make navigating faster and more powerful by showing more tabs onscreen, displaying favicons by default to easily identify open tabs, and giving users a quick preview of the page. Users can choose when and which websites a Safari extension can work with, and tools like data breach password monitoring never reveal your password information — not even to Apple. How cool is that, huh?

Back to Messages • Users can now pin their favourite conversations to the top of their messages list for fast access, and search has been entirely redesigned — organizing results into links, photos, and matching terms. Now you do not have to see your not so favourite persons text first.


• Now you can get a 360-degree view of a destination with Look Around, and browse detailed indoor maps of major airports and shopping centres. Now Cycling and EV routing can be done on a Mac and sent directly to the iPhone to have when on the go.


• Apple always considers privacy at the core of the Mac experience, and macOS Big Sur offers users even more transparency and control over their data. You get new detailed privacy information in the Mac App Store that will help users understand the privacy practices of apps before downloading them, including the types of data and whether that data is shared with third parties for tracking.


• WWDC 2020 was a very interesting session for tech-savvy people and was quite an informative time to use in this COVID 19 Pandemic. All these features are available on intel based macs also and can be availed just by a free software update.

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