New Hot console games to buy for 2020


This is a twisted edition of the well-known sequel. SPOILER- Here Ellie takes off on a voyage and seeks justice but ultimately she goes through emotional repercussions of her actions and it gets all messy. Importantly, the gameplay has been enhanced and enriched with more features such as new weapons as well as skills. You can immediately own the collector's edition right now at the PlayStation website. I wouldn't recommend it at the full but if you're a fan of the original then Part 2 is a must-have. You can buy this game for ₹3,999 on


The latest and greatest Spiderman is all about the gameplay of "Spiderman into the Spiderverse" where Miles Morales is the prominent character. This time we hope the game has an extended duration for gameplay (as the previous version had fantastic graphics but a comparatively smaller length). Hopefully, it is expected to hit the shelves in “late 2020.” In fact, this is the official PS5 game that will be sold only for the specific console. There's still a lot to be known about this game but looking at the cover, our expectations are high. You can buy this game for ₹3,999 on

NBA 2K21

Launched early this month the 2K21 is a fancy, fashionable, and a hot drop in 2020. Though it isn't released (only launched for preorder) it consists of crazy sneakers, moves, and even stylish clothes that were in the teaser. Being average priced selling for ₹3,999 it is worth buying but even the last version was approximately the same. And this is one of the perfect games if you're a basketball player. You can buy this game for ₹3,999 on


If you own the FIFA 20 I am advising you do not buy the 21. Instead, you can wait for the 22 and make your jump; but if you do not possess the 20 I also say the 21 is good to have. I could conclude by stating "there have been more delicate modifications and hence you wouldn't really know". You can buy this game for ₹3,999 on


Marvel's Avengers video game is a ton of entertainment to play mostly due to its fascinating graphics. The expeditions are really not exceedingly inventive; they largely involve experimenting into the metropolis for battling the opponents. Periodically you’ll want to protect a scientist or keep up put combatting surges of recruits until Jarvis is able to hack into a computer. It gets repetitive but is saved by the large roster of varied heroes. I recommend this game for like 12 year olds as it's a bit boring but it's worth for its world-class graphics. You can buy this game for ₹3,999 on


CyberPunk 2077 is the game for the future with things like smart weapons, tech weapons, smart cars, cyberware, and even smart cities. The fun part is that even Keanu Reeves is a character. Also, with RTX ray tracing the graphics here are top-notch. Importantly, this game is like the newer version of Watch Dogs with more nonstop complex missions every single time. The game will be out on 19 November 2020. You can buy this game for ₹3,999 on


Watch Dogs Legion, the third in the Watch Dogs cycle will take territory in an imaginary society that is way too futuristic. This time roughly, we're in London (which is a great city for being futuristic in general). Dissimilar to previous Watch Dogs games, Legion brings an elegant twist: Every personality in the game is a probable protagonist- which is deadly cool. These were some specs in the real-time game but is yet to release at 29 October 2020. You can buy this game for ₹3,999 on


Far Cry 6 has subsisted officially demonstrated for February 18, 2021- release date and is coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia and PC. Formulated by Ubisoft Toronto (the initial team that workplace has led a Far Cry game), the gameplay will take place across Yara as the story is mainly about a dictatorship and his son preparing to be the successor. Also, as it is coming for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X the graphics have been pitch-perfect (at least with the leaks found). This game would be recommended after full release. You can buy this game for ₹3,999 on

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