Most famous comics

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

For your favorite Marvel superheroes

• Spiderman: Ultimate Spider-Man #200. This comic is all about the humble outsets of Peter Parker and Aunt May transiting to Spiderman later; Artwork here is remarkable. Published during 2014 this story can be bought at Marvel for $4.99.

• Hulk: Future Imperfect

Honestly, this cartoon is relatively aged as it was published starting in 1992. The storyline is really interesting, serious, bold and we recommend it; but buying all the volumes at today's date will be difficult.

• Iron Man: Extremis After Endgame, Iron Man is the most missed Marvel character. This is one of Tony Stark's most famous comics. The story is suspense about what will happen after frightening modern technologies endanger unstable humanity; will Iron Man come to save day?!. This book is selling for $24.99 by Marvel. Though the comic was originally released back in 2010, the hardcopy was published during 2019.

• Captain America: Steve Rogers: Super Solider If you firmly seek to comprehend how Captain America became himself this is a go-to. It is pretty much the story of the superhero's popular movie 'Winter Soldier' but in detail. Luckily, you might be able to purchase this edition on Amazon books. A digital version will surely be available on Google books.

• Thor: Thor Disassembled Thor Disassembled' is for modern readers. Yes, for those people who have thoroughly watched 'Thor Ragnarok' and are prepared for more updates. The point is most comics decide the future movies, so though Thor Disassembled (comic) was released in 2004, Thor Ragnarok (movie) was released in 2017. Hence from this comic onwards, you might get more updates for the movies.

All are highly recommended for a 2020 Marvel geek.

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