Google Pixel 4a- This cam "stole the show".

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Google's new semi-flagship phone has just got revealed- August 3rd. It is quite reasonable for its specs, OS, body and much more; especially its camera who "stole the show".

So what is it on the spec sheet?!

• A 5.81 inch, OLED, 443 PPI display; with a rear hole-punch camera. The 16M colour density is absolutely vibrant.

• A 12 MP Pixel optimised camera (Google Pixel optimisation makes your photos better without increasing the pixel consistency !) which "stole the show" because of its quality. An 8 MP front camera- could've been improved.

• A 6 GB RAM and 128 GB unexpansive storage. Supported by a Snapdragon 730G.

• A super-powerful stereo speaker system is included in the package.

• Value for money 3140 mAh battery which is approximately 7-8 hours on screen. With a usual fast charger as included in the box by other brands too, but new for Google!

• Running Android 10 Operating System.

• Logically sold at $350 for acceptable specs and a fantastic camera.

Reasonable and adequate too.

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