Bose home speakers: Premium portability.


Bose being a sound technology brand has always been successful in delivering substantial and assertive quality; the brand usually only manufactures larger and more hefty speakers. But this is, a whole new case- this time the speaker manufactured is a potential competitor against Apple’s Home pod, Amazon’s Alexa and even Microsoft’s Cortana. The most important and great question is, “Why would people buy Bose instead of the cheaper options in the market?”. And the simple answer is “Its quality, that makes a whole lot different”.


Honestly, the Portable Home speaker has exceeded design from every facet. Having an intermediate 1.06 kilograms weighing body. Innovating and utilizing common elements such as its aluminum grill for durability as well as style, rubberized, touch-sensitive buttons, aesthetic circular LED lighting and even its fundamental portable toy like the design. Another top-notch reason to purchase this durable speaker is due to its high-end IPX4 rating- being splash resistant, it benefits carrying it around to beaches and even pool parties. This runs on decent 12-hour battery life and 24 hours on standby; prevailing in a matte black or a ceramic-white and is be eye-catching enough for any random geek.


The quality of sound produced here is ten times better than its competitors. And that is one of the main reasons why Bose has made its mark in the Sound Technology industry. Mono drivers run the sound system here with great efficiency covering a 360 degrees field. Specifically, the tough bass as well as the smooth and clean highs in this product showcase, what is exactly meant by quality. But in contrast, when I realized there was vibration occurring during extremely deep bass, I was a bit disappointed. Also, there isn’t an option to specify the EQ on the Bose device app- which is a drawback for musicians. To conclude the sound here, I can state it’s a more clear, soothing and high-pitched type of speaker.


Software is a mix here; Consisting of Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant as your dual assistance support (two personal assistants. Unbelievable right!) which you can run by back and forth any time; effortlessly streamed with Spotify (directly from the Bose app). It is fast to set up with a dual connectivity and play music while being at moderate distances. Interestingly, the plus side for any Bose product is its stylish and sleek themed app but the flaw, in this case, is the uncontrollable EQ.

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